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Tommy is the fourth studio album from The Who and was released on 17 May 1969 in the US and on 23 May 1969 in the UK, the album is a rock opera and was a Double LP album.


Tommy's father, Walker, is away fighting the Germans in . His is shot from the before Tommy is . His mother, Nora Walker, receives the news while at work in a munitions factory filling bombs with . Mrs. Walker then gives birth to a baby boy, Tommy. Tommy's believes her is dead for nearly six years. She meets Frank Hobbs at a and starts a relationship with him.

However, Group Captain Walker had survived the crash and returns home one night. Tommy follows him to the bedroom where Walker sees Mrs. Walker and Hobbs in each other's arms. Hobbs kills Group Captain Walker by smashing a lamp on his head. (In the , however, Captain Walker confronts his wife and kills the lover.) The act is witnessed by young Tommy. Tommy is then told in a violent manner that he "didn't hear it, didn't see it" and "won't say nothing to no-one". As a result, Tommy mentally becomes , , and to avoid it.

The film jumps ahead ten years, and Tommy, now a young man, is being taken by his mother and stepfather on various attempts to cure him, including a religious cult (centered around from The Seven Year Itch) and the Acid Queen (), a prostitute dealing in acid () who sends Tommy on a wild trip that ultimately fails to awaken him. Meanwhile, his parents are somewhat negligent of Tommy, and leave him at the hands of his cruel cousin Kevin (), who beats him, and his perverted uncle Ernie (), who him.

Tommy's only stimulus seems to come from a long mirror that he stands and stares into. Led alone into a at night by a vision of himself, Tommy comes into contact with a device that will change his life forever. A machine scattered among the scrap metal allows Tommy to rise to national prominence and fame. Tommy's prowess and defeat of the (Pinball) Champ () transforms him into a cult hero.

Nora and Frank take Tommy to a medical specialist (), who confirms that Tommy's problems are . Filled with guilt and anger, Tommy's mother throws him into the mirror he stares into, shattering it. The violent act wakes Tommy into normality once more. He uses his new awareness to try and bring enlightenment to people. He starts giving talks and enlightening people by canvassing. Tommy's stepfather exploits him to make more money and eventually Tommy becomes a worldwide religious icon.

Tommy sets up a holiday camp of his own, one that caters to his cult; but the mob soon rebels against his strict rules and fervor. They burn down the camp, killing Tommy's mother and stepfather in the process. Tommy is left alone, but with a greater sense of self-awareness as he faces a new dawn.